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Should the Idaho Stop Law Be Adopted in CA…California Roll sounds much better anyway!

As many of us bikers know, making a complete stop at every single STOP sign is nearly impossible. In 1982, the Idaho legislature passed a law that allowed bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield and not always come to a complete stop. 

In Oregon, The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) tried to pass a similar bill in 2009, but the effort was marked by several fumbles (including initial opposition from Eugene and the firing of the bill’s chief architect, BTA lobbyist Karl Rohde) and some harsh treatment in the media that ultimately led to its demise.  So in 2011 they tried it again with a few revisions and introduced it as SB 604. If a large metropolitan city like Portland could get a law like this passed, is this something that we should propose to our local and state representatives?  Im all for it!!

Check out this great video that describes in detail what an “Idaho Stop” and maybe if adopted here in San Francisco we could change the name to a “California Roll”!

Give us your thoughts on this bike safety idea. We would love to hear what you think!


Director of Community Relations, Revolights